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Dear Checkers Fun players, Checkers 2017 provides the best place to play Checkers on Android, supporting classic opening play and game review. I hope you enjoy it and get a lot pleasure from playing: p The Game is an offline mode where you have plenty of Checkers sort to choose from. For example, Russian, English/American Checkers, International or Brazil Draughts. With the Checkers 2017 offline you will challenge your self against your phone to Master all sort of the Worldwide checkers Games. The Checkers Game support nine different rules of checkers and also seven levels of difficulty, each game rule have it informations. available Games: English Checkers also called American Checkers- Russian Draughts- Brazilian Checkers- International Checkers- Spanish Checkers- Italian Checkers- Thai Checkers also called Makhos- Turkish Checkers- Czech Checkersand the offline game also gives you some hints to play along with small sound effects. You can help me enhance the offline Checkers Game and do it better. If you have some comments and suggestions then can write it here. I will read your reviews and go ahead. thank you. Credits: images: www.publicdomainpictures. net.
Operating System Android