Snakes N Ladders Elite

Snakes and ladders is the simplest and best time killing game with loads of fun. Stunning 3D Graphics. At the start you see a Board-view with all the 50 steps, with the Snakes and Ladders along the way. On the roll of the dice, you see a beautiful castle and players - all in 3D. Breath-taking animations for the actions of Snakes and Ladders. Snakes and ladders with multiplayer, taking turns to roll the dice and move up (or down) the mysterious castle. All set in the classic style of this ancient game. Single or Multiplayer Mode. Play single, play or play with friends. See who races to the top of the castle, braving all the Snakes and enjoying the Ladders. Variety of Characters. Choose from awesome 3D avatars with unique characteristics.from the petite girl Sky to the cool guy Razor. With 15 different game board designs and 3 dice, you'll never run out of idea. Haunting Audio. Snakes and Ladders comes with thrilling sound effects that double the joy of playing. The roll of the dice, the hiss of the snake, the climb up the stairs. you'll enjoy every bit.
Operating System Android