Back & 4th Timer

Back & 4th Timer. This is the Back & 4th Timer for the Party Game "Back & 4th" by The Game Chef. Use the Back & 4th Timer when playing the game or the 2 sand timers included. Back & 4th is a fast-paced party game that's fun for everyone. It's perfect for a family game night or parties with a group of friends. Each team starts with 1 minute on its timer. Players give clues to their teammates to help them guess the category. For Example: If the category listed on the card is "Things That Are Red", the Clue-Giver could say: "apples, " "a ripe tomato, " "Santa's suit, " "Rudolph's nose, " etc. Play continues furiously BACK & 4th until one team's time runs out. The team whose time ran out first loses the round, and the winning team moves it's game piece one space on the game board. The first team to win 4 rounds wins the game. It's simple and fun. Back and 4th, Back & Forth, Back & 4th Timer, Back&4th, Back&4thTimer, Backand4thTimer, "Back &4th", "Back and 4th", "Back and Forth Timer".
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