Gamer's Army Knife Pro

This app is the Swiss Army Knife of board and party games. It includes the following tools: a) Dice roller. A customizable 3D dice roller with eastern (large, red and black pips) and western style (small, black pips) facets. There are many options regarding the number and the color of dice (e. g. two red and two white dice, six white dice, risk-style 3+2 dice, etc) b) Coin flipper. A 3D coin toss app with a variety of coins to pick from, including Euro-coins, USD and Yuan. Please, send me images of coins from your country to include them too. c) Card picker. Pick one or more cards from one or two decks. d) Spinner. This can be customized to a classic, pointer-type spinner, a spinning wheel, a double spinning wheel, or a bottle for a "spin the bottle" game. The sectors of the spinner can be customized to be alphabet letters, numbers, question answers, twister, etc. e) Who's first. A utility useful for many Q&A games. Who will be the first to press the button? f) Stopwatch. A customizable stopwatch with alarm sounds and split time button. g) Hourglass. A customizable 3D hourglass with alarm sounds. h) Chess clock. A game clock with customizable time controls (sudden death, simple delay, Bronstein, Fischer before and after, overtime penalty, hourglass, etc). i) Random number generator. A utility to pick a random number from a uniform distribution, within a user-defined range. j) Score keeper. A utility to keep the score for various games if no pencil and note paper is handy. The score is kept between sessions, even if you close/restart the app. This version (the "Pro" version) includes everything in the free version, plus the ability to define you custom player names and custom section captions for the spinner.
Operating System Android