Smart Click

This is an addictive game which will test your perfection in clicking buttons. Kindly go through the instructions before playing the game. Instructions: 1-Click the button having same color (Either red or green) as of the big button below. 2-Every time the color changes the penalty exceeds by 1. 3-The score increases by 1 and penalty decreases by 1 if the perfect button is clicked. 4-Penalty increases by 2 if any wrong button excluding the opposite button is clicked (Note-Red and green are opposite to each other). 5-Penalty increases by 3 if the opposite button is clicked. 6-The black button appears randomly after a few steps, Click the black button to reduce your penalty by 5. 7-The speed in which the colors change keeps increasing till it reaches the maximum speed 8-A blue button will appear after every 35 steps. Click it to reduce the speed. 9-The game will be over when the penalty reaches 50. 10-You can click only one button in every step i. e. before the color changes, The button clicked by you for the particular step turns gray.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None