Smart Click

This is an addictive game which will test your perfection in clicking buttons. Kindly go through the instructions before playing the game. Instructions: 1-Click the button having same color (Either red or green) as of the big button below. 2-Every time the color changes the penalty exceeds by 1. 3-The score increases by 1 and penalty decreases by 1 if the perfect button is clicked. 4-Penalty increases by 2 if any wrong button excluding the opposite button is clicked (Note-Red and green are opposite to each other). 5-Penalty increases by 3 if the opposite button is clicked. 6-The black button appears randomly after a few steps, Click the black button to reduce your penalty by 5. 7-The speed in which the colors change keeps increasing till it reaches the maximum speed 8-A blue button will appear after every 35 steps. Click it to reduce the speed. 9-The game will be over when the penalty reaches 50. 10-You can click only one button in every step i. e. before the color changes, The button clicked by you for the particular step turns gray.
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android