It's a dark and stormy night and the Ghost Hunt is underway. This is not an adventure for the faint of heart. Only the bravest and most courageous ghost hunter can successfully win all the levels in our haunted puzzle. Explore the haunted mansion and see the spectre haunting the place. Or you can go to the ghost manor where the restless spirits are haunting the manor on Friday the Thirteenth. Are you still brave enough? Do you see some spectre on the old abandoned train station? Feel the chill comes down your spine as you see these restless spirits reveal themselves in the scariest day of the year, Friday the Thirteenth. They are always there, lurking in the ghost manor and haunted mansion. Only they are more apparent on certain times of the year, such as when it is night and stormy. So, join us on our Ghost Hunt by playing this puzzle and find all these restless spirits. Our Hidden Mahjong game is a tile matching game where you match tiles that are similar and not trapped between other tiles to clear the board. Discover beautiful artwork throughout our mahjong game as you progress on this mahjong journey. Our tile matching apps are the perfect relaxing games for when you want to unwind after stressful days at work or at school. Play this mahjong solitaire game anytime and anywhere on your device to earn coins and unlock more boards and gorgeous HD backgrounds. Hidden Mahjong TOP Features: High quality Mahjong HD images and backgrounds. Earn coins and unlock the next board. 40 boards with gorgeous images and artwork. Awesome sound effects and soothing background music. Simple rules and gameplay: pair similar mahjong tiles to clear the board and progress through our matching tile game. Our addictive tile matching game will make you play for hours. There is no rush in our relaxing games. Simply match tiles and enjoy your time while listening to our Dolby quality music. However, it doesn't mean this mahjong journey is not challenging. The mahjong tiles are stacked in strategic ways that make you think of a good strategy in order to to clear the board with minimal amount of moves. So what are you waiting for? Download our Hidden Mahjong game now. Use your eyes to locate matching tiles. Use strategy to determine which mahjong tiles you should clear first so you can finish the board in one go. This app is certified Actually Free which means you get the full game experience and it has no paid in-app purchases. Sign up now for our newsletter or learn more at
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