SlowRenju (Gomoku/Renju)

Gomoku is a traditional game playing on a 15x15 board, which is also called Gobang or Five in a Row. Two players play black and white stones respectively on the board in turn. The winner is the player who makes five in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally at first. Renju is a professional variant of Gomoku, in which the double-three, double-four and overline is forbidden. SlowRenju is a competitive artificial intelligence which can play Gomoku and Renju. This is an Android application for it. Here you could play Gomoku and Renju with computers in different levels or with yourself in your mobile device. You could also analysis the status of the board with the AI inside this program. For the levels of the computer, 10k is the easiest, and 1k is the strongest in the game. Hope that you could enjoy your game.
Operating System Android