Snake & Ladder Run

Sit back and relax to feel the thrill of playing a classic Snake & Ladder Run Dice game. Snake and Ladder is a very simple board game with dice game rules that is very much popular in children who loves to play dice game Ludo. You have to climb up from the first to the last square that is 100th, using the score rolled in a dice. There are ladders to climb up fast, but beware of snakes which can pull you down to a point from where you have started the game. Snake and ladder is a new experience of the ladder run in beautiful graphics and challenges. You could play this game alone or against your friends. You just need to tap the screen to roll the dice, and progress through the levels of the board, to reach the 100th cell on top. Enjoy the thrill of climbing up the ladder or sliding down through the snake. Try your best to to reach to the 100th cell by keep rolling the dice. You will always face these factors in form of ladders and snakes, some are threat and some are boosters. Roll the dice and hope for the best. Snake and ladder features: HD graphics and 3D environment with visual effects- Single and Two-players modes- Very addicting and entertaining for all ages- Facebook login available- Invite a friend, leaderboards, achievements support Enjoy playing Snake and Ladder 3D game with brilliant visual effects.
Operating System Android