Colorcast requires a Chromecast to play. There is a Free Demo version available to try on your device before you buy. Check it out. Only one copy of this app and one device are necessary for multiple people to play. (please read the notes below) Features: Free Draw: Hundreds of colors- 4 brush sizes- Full screen canvas- Project your drawings to your television through your Chromecast- Let your imagination run. The Game: Between 3 and 15 players can play on a single device. Both team and individual play versions- 200+ words- Pass the device to the first player and draw the word. The word is only visible on the device and the drawing appears on your television through your Chromecast- Hit "Correct" to register when your teammate (s) guess the word correctly- Pass the device to the next player. Fun for all ages. NOTES: This app is best suited for larger devices- It is best to cast to your Chromecast before you enter the drawing phase of the game.
Operating System Android