Deck Dragon Loot Cards CCG-TCG

#1 CARD GAME OF THE 2016Easy to play and deep in strategy. Collect cards, loot treasures, build your deck and begin your epic journey. Defeat deathbringer boss and loot victory chests in campaign and PvP Arena. Complete special daily quests to get extra rewards. Forge better cards and imbue them with tokens. Evolved higher tier units have special abilities that can help you - heal, increase damage or armor. Simple ccg deck building game with multiplayer PvP warlord arena. Command units of hellhound, deathbringer and sandworm or disenchant taunt gremlin for magic dust. FEATURES. Collect more than 100 unique cards in this CCG. Balanced campaign with awesome rewards, bounty hunter ruby raids and multiplayer. Battle common sandworm or legendary deathbringer and rank in PvP arena. Forge cards, disenchant and imbue them with tokens. Daily login bonus and daily quests and luck machine. Regular updates and new warlord heroes to collect. Beautiful hand-painted art and special visual effectsCOLLECT CARDS & TOKENSFrom common grey cards like gargoyle, sandworm or taunt gremlin over blue rare cyclops, purple epic plague doctor and legendary gold up to mythical deathbringer warlord ccg. Cards and tokens are rewarded in campaigns. Deck building game where you need to imbue tokens wisely to improve your strength. Improve your skills in this deck building game and change your strategy to defeat opponents. Evolve epic and rare cards to higher tiers ccg. Enchant and disenchant your loot for magical dust useable for forge and imbue. ADVENTUROUS CAMPAIGN & GAME MODESDefeat hellhound, taunt gremlin and deathbringer in single player campaign and get new legendary cards, mighty tokens to imbue and disenchant dust. Every campaign contains special reward chests. Fight in the Bounty Hunter for extra rewards and chests to loot. Raid enemies with hellhound for ruby crystals to open black market with special ccg loot. GAME TIPS. Play campaign levels more times to get all stars and daily rewards. Imbue tokens to correct heroes - add health to taunt tank units and damage tokens to offensive hellhound or sandworm. Complete daily quests and visit arena regulary for extra gems and coins. Combine tanking troops with taunt ability like gremlin with damage ones like hellhound in this deck building game. Disenchant common gremlin and sandworm to get magic dust. Higher star warlords heroes can have special abilities, tap on card to get more informationCreated by NOXGAMES and Running Pillow 2016Continue of Deck
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