Tuku Tuku - 5 Second Rule Game

Tuku Tuku is a multiplayer party game, that is all about reflex and acting under the pressure of time. A player has to give 3 answers to a simple, yet challenging question in 5 seconds, before the bell rings. Would you be able to name 3 countries starting with the letter 'A' when your others are staring at you with their piercy eyes and the clock is ticking? One can easily get tongue-tied when the time is your enemy. Tuku Tuku is funny and full of ridiculous answers, so it will get your party jumping in no time. It is also an excellent game for a boring car ride. Many of the answers will make you and your friends rolling on the floor laughing. The game is free, without ads, with the possibility to purchase extra card packs to make the game more challenging. Keywords: 5, second, rule, name, quiz, free, things, in, heads up, family feud, family, card, game, party, ellen, multiplayer.
Operating System Android