BW-Go (Black & White Go) is a flexible, easy-to-use SGF editor to record, analyze, study and replay Go / Igo / Weiqi / Baduk games. A Gnu Go computer player is available as a separate download to play against Android. Also, download the free BW-DGS plugin to play on the turn-based Dragon Go Server. If you encounter any problems, please mail me. Any feedback is welcome, including suggestions for later versions. Features: All tools in one screen, including comments- Unique 'tether' stone and markup placement: play a stone and move your finger away to check and correct the position. Fast for tablets, accurate enough for a 25x25 game on a 320x480 screen. Correction for involuntary movements while lifting your finger- Adjustable screen colors- Use the BW-DGS plugin (separate download) to make your moves on the turn-based Dragon Go Server. Check it out on the Play Store for details. Use a bot player (separate download) as an opponent or analysis helper. The bot is activated as just another tool, to be used in any SGF. Check out BW-Gnu Go on the Play Store for details. Study joseki while analysing your games using embedded Kogo's Joseki Dictionary, March 6 2013 version. KJD included by courtesy of Alexander Dinerchtein, curator, and Gary Odom, originator. http://waterfire. us/joseki. htm- Landscape support on both phones and tablets- Record your own games- Game review/study: replay a game on the board while the app only accepts the game moves. Ask for hint: show 5x5 square containing next move (size adjustable in settings) - Score and score estimate (manual marking of dead stones) - Easy creation and browsing of variations without unnecessary pop-ups- Mark moku with letters, digits and shapes- Game editing: add and remove stones, correct earlier moves (checks if this results in impossible moves later) - Supports game collections in single SGF, like the ones at http://webdocs. cs. ualberta. ca/. mmueller/go/games. html- Also supports old SGF formats (pre-FF[4]). Please report any incompatible SGF's. Tags: Go, Baduk, Weiqi, SGF.
Operating System Android