Chess Clock

This is an easy to use chess clock with many configuration options for simple and more advanced time control. Besides chess, this app can also be used for other games as well. This app supports the following time control options: Sudden death (no extra time added for each move) - Simple delay (the time starts decreasing for each move only after after a predefined delay) - Bronstein delay (time is added at the end of each move, but the remaining time never increases) - Fisher (a small amount of time is added at the beginning of each move) - Fisher-after (a small amount of time is added at the end of each move) - Overtime penalty (the clock starts counting up after time expires). Hourglass mode (every second one player consumes is added to the opponents clock). Chess Clock can also be found as part of Gamer's Army Knife, an app comprising a set of useful tools for board and party games.
License Free
Version 2.0.2
Operating System Android