Can you match the Mahjong tiles and clear the board? Enjoy 100+ LAYOUTS. Master each puzzle and level up. Can you UNLOCK all 100+ Mahjong layouts? HOW TO PLAY- SET-UP: Tiles in colorful florals and Chinese characters are stacked. Most of the tiles are in the lower layers, hidden from view. - GAME PLAY: Match two tiles to reveal the tiles beneath. REMEMBER - you can only form pairs if the tiles are exposed and not surrounded by other tiles. OBJECTIVE: Match the tiles and clear the table to win the game. SOLITAIRE MAHJONG STRATEGIES With so many tiles hidden from view, Solitaire Mahjong is NOT EASY. Fortunately, there are many strategies to win the game in record time. TIP #1: Look over the board. Do you see four matching tiles? Great. Start by matching and removing those tiles. TIP #2: The best moves are often the ones that free up tiles on the board. If you have the choice between matching tiles on the top of a stack, or stand-alone tiles, match the ones on top. TIP #3: Use the "undo" option. If you get stuck, go back several moves and try a different strategy. Match the tiles that maximize opportunities to form pairs. Download this free app to start playing one of the best Mahjong games available today.
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