Roll Spin Decide

The Ultimate Decision Maker and Kids Board Game Tool7 Tools for the Price of One.Get all your decision maker and kids board game tool apps in one neat and easy to use place.Whether you need a simple set of dice to replace the ones lost from your favoritekids board game or to draw straws to decide who does those chores nobody reallywants to do. ROLL SPIN DECIDE is here to help. Includes:Dice Roller - Select up to 6 Dice of whatever type you require - d4 d6 d8 d10 d12 d20. Easily configure the dice roller for most kids board games and RPG - dungeon and dragons type games.Random Number Generator - Select number of digits and generate a random number for use in .Spinner Wheel - Click 'Spin' and wait for wheel to settle for its results - Ideal for those older board games that may have lost parts.Coin Toss - Flip the Coin to make a decision, sometimes its easier to let fate decide. who kicks of in the football or goes first on that amazing new console game just let the coin decide.Shortest Straw - How many times have you and your mates needed to draw straws to see who goes in goals or do the chores nobody wants to do. Its easy to decide with the shortest straw module. Just draw straws and the decision is made.Ask The Orb - If you cant decide or just need to ask a question then click the Orb for its prediction. Game Timer Panel - Bonus feature to keep track of those game times. Set a free running timer or set a time limit for your game with the countdown feature. Download for free and support the developer buy removing the ads for a one off minimal fee.Recent changes:Following up first release with some fixes to dead links.Content rating: Everyone
File Size14.86 MB
Operating System Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.