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Video Recording Tools. Recording Type: Touch to Record & Release finger to stop video recording, During video recording, Our app supports the adjustment of video speed. Users can set the value of each shift, and can also add music in recording, play background music, and record in a variety of ways. Switch Recording Time: Users can switch Video Recording Time to record videos for 15 Seconds or to Record for 1 Minute. Different Speed Recording: Normal, Fast, Slow, Time Laps, Epic, also users can enable and disable speed recording. Camera Switch: Users can switch camera to record videos. Real-time Color filters & rich choices: User can select beautiful swipable Color filters which works on any point of recording, It means users can record one video with many color filters. Beauty Mode: Users can enable/disable beauty mode to record videos. Time Recording: This fuction is best if you want some delay to start video automatically. Point to Start ( Sound Point): If user select any sound and want to start video recording from some special point. for example video lenth is 30 second and user want to record after 15th second then user will able to move selection point (while moving sound preview will play, so user can listen where user want to start) to set where to start video recording. Select Sound: User can record on my favorite saved tracks, select any favorite saved tracks, User/admin uploaded sound, local gallery sound which is available on app to record videos. Select your favorite tracks or upload your own, for your custom video dubbed post Duet Video Recording Plugin ( Available as Addon): Users can record Duet videos by selecting any video. After recording duet on video screen text showing that User A duet with User B with profile links. AR Masks Plugin (Available as Addon): This module is available as addon, User can select any facemask to record video.
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Version 1.0
Operating System Webware