iMediaShare Lite allows you to discover and enjoy personal and online media directly on your TV screen. No additional hardware, no cables and no TV apps required. All you need is an internet-enabled TV and a WiFi network. iMediaShare seamlessly transforms your device into a remote control. Take your favorite content everywhere with you and share it with friends any time on any connected screen. Online channels this edition includes: Animal Planet, Bild, Beet TV,, CBS News, CNBC, CNET (SD only), CNN, COIN-OP TV, College Humor, Dailymotion, Deutsche Welle, Driving Sports, Earth Touch, Engadget, Euronews, Facebook, France 24, Funny or Die, G4, Harvard Business Review, HDNet, Les Debiles, MaYoMo, Motorz (SD only), NASA TV, NY Times, Picasa, PortalZINE (SD only), PR Newswire, PSN, Revision3 (SD only), Showtime, Spiegel Online, TED Talks (SD only), The Onion, TWiT TV, VideoBASH, White House, YDN Design, YouTube (SD only). NOTE (1): For best playback performance on PS3, please, ensure that your PS3 is WIRED and not WIRELESS. NOTE (2): Videos recorded with the phone's camera are not supported by some TVs and game consoles. NOTE (3): For Toshiba TVs, please, enable Media Renderer mode from TV Preferences -> Network Device Setup.
License Free
Version 4.4
Operating System Android 3.1 Android Android 2.3.3 - Android 2.3.7 Android 4.0 Android 3.2 Android 3.0 Android 2.3 - Android 2.3.2 Android 2.2