Phido Anyplace mobile application transforms your [iPad/iPhone/iPod or Nokia, Android or PC/Laptop] device to Digital IP Camera, which allows you to remotely monitor a site using your device camera over Wi-Fi or 3G live and playback archived videos, when needed. Phido Anyplace can be used for Baby Monitoring, Home Surveillance, Spy Camera or for monitoring your pet at home, while you are at work or on the road. After installing Phido Anyplace on your device and registering your Phido account, you can sit back and monitor the view on your device camera at online secure website (VeriSign Trust services). Phido Anyplace preferences can be set to send notifications immediately to your email, whenever there is motion detected in front of your device camera.
License Free
Version 2.0
Operating System Symbian OS 9.x Symbian Mobile