This program allows you to control your computer with all TV settings. The program works only with LG and supported the following models: 19LU40, 22LU40, 19LU50, 22LU50, 26LU50, 19LH20, 22LH20, 26LH20, 32LH20, 37LH20, 42LH20, 32LH3, 37LH3, 42LH3, 47LH3, 32LH40, 37LH40, 42LH40, 47LH40, 32LH50, 37LH50, 42LH50, 47LH50, 55LH50, 32LH70, 37LH70, 42LH70, 47LH70, 32LF25, 37LF25, 42LF25, 32LH49, 37LH49, 42LH49, 47LH49, 32LG2, 37LG2, 42LG2, 19LG31, 22LG31, 26LG31, 32LG33, 37LG33, 42LG33, 32LF51, 42LF51, 47LF51, 42LH90, 47LH90, 50PS70, 60PS70, 50PS80, 60PS80, 42PQ35, 50PQ35, 42PQ65, 50PS65.
LicenseFree to try
File Size329.32 kB
Operating System Windows Windows 7 Windows XP Windows Me Windows 98 Windows 2000