Super Deluxe is the premier spot on the Internet for top-quality comedy videos. We've got some of the funniest peeps in the comedy biz making exclusive clips for us. And unlike other video sharing sites, we specialize strictly in comedy. We're not concerned with showing you some Norwegian kid's video blog. In fact, with the free time we have by not paying attention to Hans, we're able to corral the most original laughs on video online - from the big names of funny to the comic geniuses waiting to be discovered at their day jobs. Super Deluxe is also all about laughing at people like you. That's why we make it easy for all of our users to upload their own funny videos, and share them with the rest of the world. We're totally free of charge, and we'll even help propel you to Internet stardom if you've got the comedic chops. But we're not elitist; on the contrary, we're a social networking site. Everybody gets their own profile to customize, and everybody's invited to the party: mingle with other members, hobnob with artists, share videos, share opinions, share bodily fluids.
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