Musical Terms Glossary for Palm OS

Music, like any subject, has its own terminology. At first the many terms that musicians use to describe music can seem daunting. But there is nothing mysterious about these terms; they merely use words to describe something we can all hear with a little bit of practice. This is another free glossary for BDicty Dictionary Reader, containing over 1000 various cross referenced musical terms and forms with concise definitions. The dictionary is especially recommended for classical music admirers, music professionals and university music students. The lexicon is contributed by Ms. Albena Kirilova. If you have a text file and want to have it converted into a lexicon for BDicty Dictionary Reader, contact and we will convert it for you for free. In addition to this glossary, another free useful tool would be the free add-on Musical Terms list for the game Wordful for Palm OS.
File Size772.46 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.5 or higher