Astrology Horoscopes for 2005

This is an excellent free glossary of Horoscopes, especially compiled for BDicty. The free glossary contains characteristics, general forecast for year 2005, monthly horoscopes and born dates of famous people for each of the twelve SunSigns. Astrology means, literally, "the word of the stars". Early men looked to the stars for their omens. The ancient tales of many peoples contain stories of how the stars came to be where they are, and of men who came from the stars. The Old World view was of a heaven and earth that was all one. These days, spiritual thinking of many traditions is increasingly returning to the view that the entire universe is interconnected. We know that the world that once seemed so large is really quite small. Not only does communication flash in an instant from one side to the other, but the felling of a forest in one place affects the climate of another. We know too, that, we are made of the "stuff of stars." Scientists now tell us that the very presence of life on earth is the result of the death and rebirth of stars. Religion has long taught us that heaven and earth are interconnected. Whether we believe that all things are one, or that one God made the whole of Creation, or that there is presence in all things, there is a common belief that in some way or other, we are part of the universe. The Horoscopes Glossary for Palm OS from Beiks is an excellent addition to the ever growing collection of FREE dictionaries for the specialized BDicty dictionary reader for your Palm OS based device. The glossary is contributed by Ms. Alena Smith.
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