PDAFitness comes with a very easy-to-use interface that requires minimal typing for faster input and greater freedom of movement. PDAFitness allows you to: Track your fitness routines: strength/resistance, aerobic/cardio, classes, runs etc. Input, archive, view and sort your progress - daily, weekly etc. Log your work out on the most common machines, in typical classes or with free weights Create new categories of exercises according to your needs and your personal goals Enter as many clients as you wish if you are a trainer, keep their profile and routines handy, print their exercises easily to track their progress Prepare your workout in advance Beam your workout or your clientâ??s workout to another PDA Conduit -- PDAFitness Conduit extends the data collection and viewing capabilities to your desktop. Faster -- Scrolling speed is increased greatly in this version allowing more free flowing viewing of your workout. Enhanced Navigation -- Provides a more user friendly navigation that is faster and more convenient. Sort by Type -- You can now sort and view completed exercises by type. Add Sets -- You can add sets when you add a new exercise to save you the time of entering in multiple exercises. Beaming -- Allows you to beam individual completed exercise events or entire records to another Palm Pilot. Smart Fill -- When editing entries, the previous value is automatically selected. Checkboxes -- The checkbox feature allows you to enter the workout or routine and simply check off the exercise at the gym. Seat Position -- The ability to add and save up to two seat positions is handy for keep track of exercise machine positions. Easier -- The main menu is gone, replaced by a table view allowing you to quickly and easily switch between different categories. Reporting -- You can instantly sort your data by date, range, client, or type.
Price USD25
License Purchase
File Size 341.8 kB
Version 3.4
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • PDAFitness - PPalm OS 3.0 or higher
  • PDAFitness Conduit - Windows