Friction Loss

Friction Loss is a PalmOS application that calculates friction loss in piping systems. It is perfect for design and process engineers in a variety of fields. Friction Loss uses the "equivalent length" technique of calculating system friction loss. This entails recording the number and types of valves, fittings, etc. in the system, converting these to an equivalent pipe length and adding this value to the length of straight pipe in the system. This "equivalent length" can then be used for calculating the actual friction loss in a pipe for pump sizing or other use. Friction Loss calculates the "equivalent length" for 19 different nominal pipe diameters and assumes water (SpG 1.0) as the fluid. Friction Loss is easy to use. Simply select the desired nominal pipe diameter from the main menu screen, then enter the length of straight pipe in the system and the number of each type of fitting in the system, then tap CALCULATE, and the equivalent straight pipe length is calculated for you. If there is a pipe diameter change in the system, simply follow this procedure for each pipe diameter in the system and add them together to get the total equivalent length (For greater accuracy, calculate the loss through expansions or reducers using standard calculations).
Price USD 10
License Purchase
File Size 33.2 kB
Version 1.0
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm III
  • Palm OS 3.0