TekLog is a personal digital assistant (PDA) application intended for use with Tektronix THS7xx series portable oscilloscopes (e.g. THS710A, THS720A, and THS730A). With TekLog, users can capture screen shots, or 'images', from their portable oscilloscope to their PDA. Images can then be viewed, enlarged to zoom in on image detail, transferred between IrDA equipped PDAs, saved to the user's desktop PC, and exported to Windows BMP files (using Teklog Export Tool). In addition, TekLog can be used to save and restore reference waveforms to and from the oscilloscope. This allows users to extend the 10 waveform storage capacity of their oscilloscopes or even move reference/calibration waveforms between oscilloscopes. Like full screen images, waveforms can be transferred between IrDA equipped PDAs and can also be saved to the user's desktop PC. Also, TekLog can capture the settings from the oscilloscope and store them on the PDA so that they may later be uploaded back to the scope. Settings such as the type of display, active channels, timebase, trigger, and others are saved into a settings profile similar to the reference waveform that can be restored on the same scope or a different scope.
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Operating System Mobile
System Requirements<li>Palm</li>