NavPlan/NavLog is an electronic navigation log for VFR pilots The layout of the log is based on the popular Jeppesen and Cessna log sheets. "NavPlan" is used for flight planning whereas "NavLog" performs the actual "follow up" during the flight. Functions of "NavPlan" are Flight planning on an electronic navigation log Calculation of climb- and descent-performance including time, distance and fuel burn to climb/descent Accurate fuel planning Map-view of the flight Important flight-related parameters Specification for up to 8 different aircraft types Saving of an unlimited number of routings Functions of "NavLog" are Block- and flight-time (by the use of your PDAs' hardbuttons) True course, magnetic heading, remaining flight time and distance to next waypoint and to destination actual calculated fuel on board and estimated FOB at destination Analysis of the flight including average fuel flow and speed after landing
Price USD 19.95
License Purchase
File Size 54.69 kB
Version 1.0
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Any Hardware
  • Palm OS 3.0
  • MathLib