It is essential that you install EXPERT TEXT GLOBAL UI OS LAYER in a "top-level" folder like C:/EXPERT TEXT GLOBAL UI folder (or similar). It is also recommended that you make a shortcut and add EXPERT TEXT GLOBAL UI OS LAYER to your Startup folder. You may also need two attempts to open/start the EXPERT TEXT GLOBAL UI OS LAYER application. Children of all ages, and adults alike, can use a computer with this new revolutionary product. Why? Because it avoids all the "complex selections on screen" that seem like some kind of intelligence test. Expert Text Global UI OS Layer is an excellent tool for school children and for students, as well as for professionals and for day-to-day computer users. Expert Text Global UI OS Layer is an operating system UI , a database and an AI expert system. It provides single-click/touch access to thousands of web pages, apps and documents stored locally or on the Internet or in the Cloud. It saves hours of time for students and for professionals. For example, with a single click/touch you can: Open multiple Web pages Open Youtube videos Open Google maps (using complete addresses or coordinates) Implement common or pertinent Google searches Open local applications Open local or remote graphics Open local or remote documents Play local or remote audio and video Open folders.
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