LinuxMCE allows control of everything in the home, from lighting and climate to surveillance cameras and home security. It also includes a full-featured VoIP-compatible phone system with support for video conferencing. LinuxMCE may be used as a standalone home theater PC (without any other home network connectivity), but it may also serve as a complete home LAN system in a Server/Thin client configuration. In such a configuration, a central Core server (a standard PC running Kubuntu) does most of the storage and processing functions, while peripheral PCs (and other devices) provide input and output services. Thin client PCs can netboot over the LAN to serve as "Media Directors", which stream media content from the Core to audiovisual devices which are connected to these thin clients.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 3.54 GB
Version 8.10
Operating System Linux
System Requirements None