VT 2000 is designed to test & fix the areas of your computer that may not be year 2000 compliant. The Test utility shows how all three clocks within an IBM compatible PC interact and works at today's date and after the year 2000 (Real Time Clock (RTC), Bios timer, and system clock). The program includes many useful features such as command-line options, manual and automatic mode, log and online reporting, targeting (bios, rtc , system), weekday, count of days, system registers, . The fix utility includes a RTC program AND a bios upgrade that loads (if needed !) when you turn your computer on. The RTC prog will only run once time has reached year 2000 ! The bios tsr will only load if needed (rtc failed, bios failed, date/time jump, .). This unique technology is available to you !
File Size865 B
Operating System Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows Windows NT 4
System RequirementsWindows 95/98/NT4