Our new utility RegistryMaster is like regedit on steroids. It features: A powerful search tool�¢â?¬â??unlike the anemic "Find" feature in regedit, which can only find one instance of a word at a time and doesn't allow searching more than one word or expression. Our search allows you to find multiple words in an assortment of ways and returns all of the matches at once in an easy-to-understand results page. An easy way to go to a key�¢â?¬â??with RegistryMaster you type in a key and you're immediately taken to that key. So much more effective than navigating through the keys in regedit. An easy way to undo things�¢â?¬â??regedit provides no easy way to undo the changes you've made. RegistryMaster lets you revert to the previous state via its powerful History tab.
Operating System Windows Windows 2000 Windows 98 Windows XP