RAMDisk is a program that takes a portion of your system memory and uses it as a disk drive. The more RAM your computer has, the larger the RAMDisk you can create. What is the benefit? In a word: spped. The performance of a RAMDisk, in general, is orders of magnitude faster than other forms of storage media, such as an SSD (up to 100X) and hard drive (up to 200X). Most users use RAMDisk to speed up applications like: Games; Browser cache for faster web surfing; Audio and Video editing; CAD programs; Software compilers; Databases; Speeding up CD duplication; SETI processing; TEMP files; Swap space; Web server cache. Security - all information can be wiped upon power loss or shutdown. Custom applications with high I/O, high bandwidth, or high security requirements. An additional feature of a RAMDisk is that it will never wear out. You can access it at maximum bandwidth 24/7/365 without fear of mechanical failure, or fragmentation (while a RAMDisk can become fragmented just like any other disk, but it does not take a performance hit like a physical disk does when it becomes fragmented). A RAMDisk operating at maximum bandwidth does not produce excessive heat, noise or vibrations. RAMDisk can also out-perform solid state disks (SSDs).RAMDisk is offered as "freeware" for personal use and will allow you to create disks up to 1 GB in size. Some features not enabled and require the purchase of a license key to be enabled. For personal use only.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 7.11 MB
Version 4.4.0.rc36
Operating System Windows, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
System Requirements None