Make any Windows laptop or desktop sleep and startup as fast as an IPad or Android pad Quicksleep is the ideal solution for making Microsoft Windows save energy, simply and quickly. With the arrival of tablets, PC users expect to close and restart their desktop or laptop computer as easily as a tablet. Make Windows goto suspend mode just by hitting [windows key]+"L" The various versions of Windows are notoriously badly designed for this. PC users are more and more annoyed that they cannot quickly shutdown AND re-start their PC. Quicksleep has the simple solution: It simply connects the goto suspend mode of Windows to the Windows + Lock. This is done by hitting the key combination + >. Hitting this key combination causes Windows to lock the computer, but also goto the suspend modus. This suspend modus can be re-activated within 5 seconds.
Price USD0
License Free
File Size 531.76 kB
Version 4.2013.9.1
Operating System Windows 8 Windows XP Windows Windows Vista Windows 7