Printer Setup Repair (Panther Edition)

Printer Setup Repair is designed to rectify situations where the Printer Setup Utility will not open, printers cannot be added, CUPS fails to operate, and numerous other errors. Although Printer Setup Repair cannot fix every printing problem, it is capable of resolving most of the common ones. Printer Setup Repair can also be used to delete unwanted printer drivers, remove a build up of spool files, and recreate the /tmp symbolic link.Printer Setup Repair allows the user to do the following:Verify the root userVerify and recreate the lp userVerify and recreate the lp groupVerify and repair the Printer Setup Utility file permissionsVerify and repair the /System/Library directory permissionsVerify and repair the CUPS directoriesVerify and repair the /Library directory permissionsVerify and repair the home user Library directoriesReset the Printer Setup UtilityDelete CUPS spool filesVerify and repair the /private/tmp directoryStop, start, or restart the cupsd processView and modify the hostconfig fileReplace the cupsd.conf fileDelete hidden temporary filesDelete all Printer Setup Utility preferencesCalculate the directory size of the pre-installed driversDelete the pre-installed driversRepair OS 9 permissionsDelete PrintMonitor spool filesDelete OS 9 printing preferencesInstall OS 9 and OS X PPD filesDelete OS 9 and OS X PPD filesView the CUPS access_log fileView the CUPS error_log fileView the CUPS page_log fileIf you are using Mac OS X 10.4.x, you can download Printer Setup Repair 5.0 (Tiger Edition) from here.If you are using Mac OS X 10.1.x or 10.2.x, you can download Print Center Repair from here.
File Size761.72 kB
Operating System Mac OS X 10.4 PPC Macintosh Mac OS X 10.3.9
System RequirementsMac OS X 10.3 to 10.3.9
Screen resolution 800 x 600 and above