The first application, HL7Sender, is an improved version with message editing area featuring Synchronized Structure and Content views of the HL7 Message and a save as XML option (from File/Save As menu item) for creating comprehensive and very useful representation of HL7 v2.x messages as HL7 XML. Clicking a node on the left panel tree view highlights the corresponding text in the right panel text box and vice versa. HL7Sender is currently a freeware. The second application, HL7Reciever, is a powerful brand new application for receiving, validating and processing HL7 messages over TCP/IP connections. HL7Reciver runs a network listener and waits for incoming connections. When a message is received it can be saved automatically either as HL7 or as XML file (or both). In addition, you can configure HL7Reciever to start a new process and pass the saved message as a parameter (by default, the message is saved in XML format and opened using internet explorer). The behavior of HL7Reciver is controlled by no less than 6 Checkboxes! But don't worry, it is rather straight forward and the tooltips explains it all. HL7Reciever can save logs to text files and has an event log as well that can be used for monitoring and auditing (Vista users, when running HL7Reciver for the first time, run it as administrator so it can create the event log). As you can read, HL7Reciever is a very handy tool with lots of useful options.
Price USD 150
License Free to try
File Size 2.97 MB
Version 1.0.0
Operating System Windows, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista
System Requirements None