SynKit is an application for Mac OS X that allows to keep your folders and files in sync. It is developed to be easy, flexible and takes the less iteration with user as possible. Synchronize your files and folders on the same computer, between the different computers on the network or between the computer and external storages. Flexible. Easy configuration. Friendly interface. Run the application either as a standalone or in the status bar. Configure folder and file synchronization between different types of devices: External Drives, Flash Drives, Shared Network Drives or Local Drives. Set the task to start the synchronization process as soon as External Drive/Flash Drive becomes available. Set the option to unmount the External Drive/Flash Drive or disconnect from server when sync is done successfully. Lots of features allow you to choose correct synchronization method: by file name, by file size, by file date or in any combination. Support one way or two-way (bidirectional) synchronization. Filter options allow you to include or exclude the specific files: by name, by date, by size or by file's extension. For File's name & File's extension you can use ';' to provide more values. Preview/Analyze the synchronization task before you run it or after it's finished. Quick Look option in preview. Change the default sync direction in Preview window for individual files. Schedule your synchronization for any time, any day, every week or once in month. Multithreaded application. Can do all synchronization at the same time. Run all tasks at once. Fast and efficient. Synchronize only new or changed files. Each sync task has a status showing how recently it has completed. Detects conflicts. Log file is created for each run. You can save the different (synchronized) files to specific locations. Don't want to loose the old files? Choose the option and old files will be saved with timed postfix. Tracks folder structure changes/files deletion and reflects these changes from 'Source' to 'Target', from 'Target' to Source' or in both directions. Structure changes are visible in preview. Running Preview helps you to analyze what changes will be done during the synchronization process, exclude or include the files. Run the tasks in sequence.
Price USD 9.95
License Purchase
File Size 7.7 MB
Version 2.0
Operating System Mac OS X 10.11, Mac OS X 10.9, Mac OS X 10.10, Mac OS X 10.8, Mac OS X 10.7, Macintosh, macOSX (deprecated)
System Requirements None