Freefloat CELinq is a wedge software for Windows CE. It can take input from a barcode reader or some other equipment and send this data to the active application.CELinq can do some simple data editing like removing and/or adding a prefix or suffix toa data string. There are several advantages of using CELinq instead of equipment connected to the keyboard interface: Some CE devices can't power a barcode reader through the keyboard interface, The cables for keyboard interfaces (PS/2) usually can't be secured and, for example in a forklift pc environment, the cable can get disconnected , Some barcode readers don't have a keyboard interface variant If several models or brands of barcode reader are mixed, it can be easier to have CELinq do data formatting instead of having a setup unique to each reader type.
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Operating System Windows Windows 2003 Windows 2000 Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP