CacheGuard Web Gateway

CacheGuard Web Gateway is based on our core product CacheGuard-OS. CacheGuard-OS is an appliance oriented OS (Operating System). Once installed on a bare metal or virtual machine, CacheGuard-OS transforms that machine into a powerful and easy to handle Web Gateway appliance within minutes. CacheGuard-OS is built from scratch over a custom-hardened Linux operating system and is especially designed to process the Web traffic. It integrates the best technologies into a turn-key solution that allow you to quickly Secure and Optimize your Web traffic without the hassle of integrating various technologies and security layers yourself. CacheGuard-OS embeds technologies such as Gateway Antivirus, URL Guarding, Web Proxy, Reverse Proxy, Firewall, SSL Inspection, Kerberos Authentication, Access Logging, Bandwidth Shaping, Web Caching, HTTP Compression, WAF (Web Application Firewall), Web traffic Load Balancing (and many others). What makes CacheGuard-OS an innovative solution is that all those technologies consistently work all together as a whole and form a powerful and easy to handle solution. This is much different than having various technologies installed on a Linux box but without any consistency between each individual technology.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version EH-1.3.5
Operating System Webware
System Requirements VMWare, VirtualBox, KVM or Hyper-V