On Demand Application Penetration Testing

Do you know the gaps in your internet security? Even a small Security gap can cost you thousands of dollars; leave alone the loss of your brand reputation. How can you find them before a hacker discovers it in your application or server? How can you fix those? iViZ web applications & website security testing is a comprehensive penetration testing of web applications and websites. Over 75% of the threats are funneled through applications. If you have either internal or public facing internet applications, it is best to test them periodically to see if you are vulnerable to attacks like Injection flaws, Cross Site Scripting, Domain Name Poisoning to name a few. Protect your confidential and sensitive information & database by finding and fixing threats before you are attacked. What will be tested? E-Commerce Websites, Hosted web applications, Customer/Partner portals, Hosted Enterprise applications, Custom applications
Operating System Webware