Avira Internet Security Suite

Activities, accounts, apps. Secure them effortlessly with Internet Security Suite. Automatically secures your accounts with unhackable passwords. Automatically detects malware and online threats in real-time. Automatically patches your software and drivers. Automatically blocks ads, pop-ups and web trackers. Automatic web protection that repairs files without slowing down your system. 4.4 million web attacks are detected every day. Antivirus Pro protects all your online activities, from search and shopping to banking and social media with real-time protection against malware, viruses, phishing and more. Part Deflector shield. Part Force field. Our ransomware protection keeps you safe online. $5 billion was lost globally due to ransomware demands in the past year alone. Protect yourself with Antivirus Pro, equipped with the industry's leading ransomware protection that: Blocks all attempts to hijack your data and hold it for ransom; Keeps your precious files, photos, movies, and more secure; Recognizes previously unknown mutations. Automatic software updating. Outdated software is the leading security threat. Yet, of the 4.6 million devices we tested, more 73% had outdated software. Software Updater Pro keeps software and drivers safely up to date. Covers more than 150 updates for software programs including Microsoft and beyond. Identifies and installs the latest updates with 1 click. Automatically patches your security holes. Optimizes hardware performance. Secure password management. 81% of data attacks are caused by weak or stolen passwords. Keep your data and identity safe from theft with Password Manager. It even warns you if an account has been breached. Generates and securely stores strong, unique passwords. Logs you in automatically if you choose. Remember only 1 unique master password. Synchronizes passwords and account details across all your devices.
Price USD 5.99
License Purchase
Version 1.2.136
Operating System Windows, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
System Requirements None