NetSpot - WiFi Analyzer

NetSpot WiFi analyzer is an indispensable assistant in the task of creating a flawless WiFi network perfectly suiting your needs. And it doesn't matter if it is a home network or a network for your office - it has to be flawless anyway, especially since more and more people are telecommuting these days. An exceptionally friendly and comprehensive NetSpot for Android is a perfect addition to its older siblings for macOS and Windows for when you need to be on the go and only have your phone at hand. Here's what you can do with NetSpot WiFi Analyzer for Android: Supports both 2.4 and 5GHz frequency bands; Discovers Wi-Fi networks nearby; Displays the network name, MAC address, band, channel, signal level, security information; Shows the data chart changes in real time; Allows you to compare networks by signal strength and WiFi channel; Filters scanned Wi-Fi networks by name, signal strength, security protocol, or by band. Whether you need to quickly analyze the state of neighboring networks, see if there are any channel overlaps or find local leakages, NetSpot will definitely be undeniably helpful.
Operating System Android