Fetch-O-Matic is a new approach to automated website maintenance via FTP. Fetch-O-Matic allows web authors to freely create and update files locally without needing to keep track of their work, and then automatically catalog the alterations and update the website. Fetch-O-Matic differs from other available synchronization and maintenance schemes in that it does not require any local machine to have a complete site copy. For example, one might decide to grab a few pages and change them (and/or add some new files) from a Powerbook. Later, the site copy on the primary machine can be quickly brought up-to-date with just two clicks - without having to remember what was changed or open the Powerbook.
File Size695.89 kB
Operating System Macintosh Mac OS Classic
System Requirements<li> <a href="ftp://mirror.apple.com/mirrors/Info-Mac.Archive/comm/inet/fetch-303.hqx">Fetch </a><li> <a href="http://hyperarchive.lcs.mit.edu/HyperArchive/Archive/disk/list-files-26.hqx">List Files </a><li> <a href="http://www.seanet.com/~jonpugh/software/JonsCommands2.1.2.sit.hqx">Jon's Commands </a>