Since 1996, MailBurst has been a powerful add-on utility for EIMS (then AIMS) and since 1999 SIMS as well, providing multiple domain and user wild card mail routing, local and global wild card addresses, highly customized auto-replies with remote management, a drop box, email-based error reporting, options to save to disk, bounce and trash email selectively -- with notification messages, and more. Some users swear by MailBurst's drop box as it's key feature, enabling any app that can create a file to easily send email without any networking code, errors, or other factors that might impact your server's stability. MailBurst has great performance and scales well from 10 users or domains to tens of thousands. (Even version 1.0 from 1996 was designed to handle thousands of users.)
Operating System Macintosh Mac OS Classic
System Requirements
  • EIMS or SIMS
  • MacOS 7.5.5 or later