Chatberry is a GAY.COM and GAYDAR chat client, that allows real time chat through GAY.COM and GAYDAR from your Blackberry. Chatberry allows users to chat in serveral rooms simultaneously, initiate and accept private conversations, view user profiles - including pictures, and see who is in various rooms, without needing to enter the room. Chatberry uses a secure http tunnel to allow it to be used on corporate BlackBerrys without the chat traffic being exposed to monitoring or logging. Version 0.8 makes connection more reliable, adds gallery mode, adds botguard, adds alerting and addes access to member defined rooms. Much improved user feedback, and reliability.
File Size45.93 kB
Operating System BlackBerry OS 1.x BlackBerry BlackBerry OS 2.x BlackBerry OS 3.x Mobile BlackBerry OS 4.x
System RequirementsRIM OS