Minuet Browser (BlackBerry)

Minuet is a full-featured, stand-alone HTML browser designed specifically for BlackBerry handheld devices. It requires no "middle-man" or "hidden" servers. All your inputs and security protections are handled right on your handheld device, safely and efficiently. No need to worry about subscriptions, bottle-necks, and security holes with these 'middle-man' servers because Minuet doesn't need them.Version 3.1.3 adds auto-fill, memorizes and fills in username and password for you, reduces data traffic by up to 90%.
LicenseFree to try
File Size1.84 MB
Operating System BlackBerry OS 2.x BlackBerry OS 4.x BlackBerry OS 1.x Mobile BlackBerry OS 3.x BlackBerry
System RequirementsRIM OS, Internet connection