Are you a Handspring Treo Palm Phone user trying to use this PalmPhone as a replacement for a pager? If so, you may miss the 'nag' ability of most pagers that do not just alert you once about a incoming page, but repeatedly nag you (if you want) until you acknowledge the page. You have surely been surprised by turning on the display of the Treo from standby mode and discovering that you have a missed call, unheard voicemail or an unread message which you missed because the unit went on standby before you saw the alert. TreoAlertMgr allows you to completely control how and when your phone alerts you about missed calls, unheard voicemail and unread text messages and pages. You can have the system play a sound, vibrate and/or flash the screen periodically when you have unheard voicemail or unread pages/text messages.
LicenseFree to try
File Size15.53 kB
Operating System Mobile Palm OS 3.x
System RequirementsPalm OS 3.5.2, any Handspring Treo Communicator