Teleporter is the fastest way to transfer big files to your collegues, customers and guests. It's designed to allow sending of a lot of huge files in a easy way. Fast installation in less than 5 minutes. Main features: In-house file storage - Your files will be kept inside your company and downloaded directly from it. Notification - Teleporter sends an email for every file downloaded or when all files are downloaded. You can be sure you recipients have received your files. Automatic disk cleanup - Teleporter take cares of deleting all files after every users has downloaded his copy or when the expiration date is reached. Guest send and receive - You can send files to unregistered user so you don't waste time to create a username and password for just a couple of files. And you can request a file upload too. Group management/distribution list - If you plan to send document to a group of users, teleporter manages groups. It's easy to create distribution list to send multiple copies in just one click. Zip Download - The receiver can download single files or even the entire package zipped.
LicenseFree to try
File Size15.82 MB
Operating System Webware Windows
System RequirementsJava 1.5 Virtual Machine