Soja Server provides you with some unique features, such as: limit on the number of connections per IP address; full support for Hotline 1.8.5, full support for folder downloads and uploads, for multi-user editing; limit on the download speed of a single users or for everyone; implemented in pure Cocoa in Mac OS X: no Carbon bottleneck quotas, where users must upload to get download credits; limits on the number of simultanous transfers, globally or per-user; easy to install: no installer, just move a folder around; robust software; Soja Server can handle 200,000 downloads without any problem, can your server do the same? faster than other popular server such as Hotline; Tcl scripts which allows you to do virtually anything, from bots to implementation of any new protocols.
File Size1.26 MB
VersionAlphapack 3
Operating System Windows 2000 Windows NT Windows XP Windows Windows 98