Castro Podcasts

Castro lets you track lots of podcasts at once without getting overwhelmed. Here's how it works: New episodes land in the INBOX. Read the descriptions, queue the good ones and archive the rest. The QUEUE is a central playlist for organizing your next few hours of listening. Queued episodes are downloaded automatically. Press Play. Castro plays your queue in order from top to bottom. Reorder or archive queued episodes anytime. In the ARCHIVE you can find the back catalogue of all shows you subscribe to, browse your listening history, and easily access your starred episodes. This flow lets you expand your listening habits without getting overwhelmed. With Castro, subscribing to a podcast doesn�¢??t mean making a commitment to listen to every episode. You don�¢??t have to choose a few shows and miss the rest.
LicenseFree to try
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsiOS 10.3