Listening Singing Teacher

Listening Singing Teacher is a home singing course that used to learn to sing you need someone who guides you. The program listens to you, analyzes your performance and gives you feedback on your singing in real time. Real time means you can try to correct your singing during the singing. You can also easily see how late or early you were, and how long you did sustain the correct pitch. The Red Pitch Dot in the notes gives you a hint on where your pitch should aim. To ease the learning you can change the tempo and transpose the exercises to your needs. The repeat part on miss lets you repeat the wrong passage immediately to train difficult parts. For each note statistics are kept to help you identify trends. Up to eight users can use the program and compete for the highest score for each exercise. During the recording you get real-time feedback. When replaying you can position the curser to a desired point and get the same visual feedbacks like during the performance. In this way you can analyze your practice session in the actual context.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 82.84 MB
Version 1.92
Operating System Macintosh
System Requirements
  • macOS Mojave
  • macOS High Sierra
  • macOS Sierra
  • OS X El Capitan
  • OS X Yosemite
  • OS X Mavericks
  • OS X Mountain Lion
  • OS X Lion
  • OS X Snow Leopard