Tired of carrying all your Karaoke Discs to your Shows? Would you rather just grab your laptop and go? If this sounds like you, then Video Hoster Software is what you need. Our software enables you to run a professional Karaoke show for a gig or perfect for the Consumer to use at home for entertaining.Don't have any Karaoke Music? Don't worry, our latest version now has a subscription based Karaoke Streaming service built in with 15k+ songs! This is charged either Monthly for $99.99 per month, or for a 48 hour period at $29.99 depending on your selection. Now you can get up and running in No Time with Streaming your Karaoke! Video Hoster's Singers Rotation keeps track of all of your singers for you. It gives you the details of how many songs they have sung (during the show), the last time they sang (timestamp) and the time they were first into the rotation. This can be set to run Automatically and go through the singers in the order of the rotation, or manually by the Karaoke Host. With this addition, our users now have more time on their hands to interact with the singers, while getting more singers through in a night. Purchase downloadable songs through the song store with Thousands of songs to choose from! We have made this as simple as clicking the checkbox beside the song you wish to buy, then click Buy song. The song is then downloaded to your computer, and put directly in the program ready for you to play right away. Tired of printing paper songbooks? If so, then quit wasting money and step into the future with SongBookDB. This addition allows users to setup their account with SongBookDB and then have their singers attach to their show. Allowing them to select the song they wish to sing, send it to the Host directly into Video Hoster's playlist. How much easier can we make it? Literally, they find the song, set the Key, add a note, any extra singers and send. If a singer sends a song from a cell phone, and the buzz feature is turned on in SongBookDB, they will be notified on their cell phone to make their way to the stage. Talk about impressing the bar owners and friends.
LicenseFree to try
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Operating System Windows Windows 10 Windows 8 Windows 7